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The journey of La Dama began thanks to our family, and our company still bases its pillars on it: the support, the passion and the love of all its members make our wines special. To celebrate the unfailing help of some members of our family, we have created a special line dedicated to the women of La Dama … Le tre Dame. Their character and creativity have inspired three different, original and daring wines. The labels, hand-drawn by a well-known local artist, have immortalized their character with great skill. Discover these three wines, so unique like the women who inspired them.


The passion for wine and for our job is equal only to the passion we have for sport. For us, sport is a school of life, a hub of aggregation between different people who share a great passion: that of the favorite team, that for the two wheels, that for horses and nature. Just like the world of wine, also that of sport identifies us, we cross it in different contexts, we live it through the passions of our family members and we savor its different facets. For several years, La Dama has supported sports teams and projects in the area and in the province. The core values of sport such as determination, sacrifice and passion are the same that we live every day in our job and those we want to teach our children!


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