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La Dama is based on the passion for wine and for its ancient history, handed down from generation to generation for centuries. This allows us today to obtain much more than a simple drink: when we drink a glass of wine we always know that behind it, there is a story, people, experiences and families.

Cultivating native grape varieties is of fundamental importance for us. We fell in love with Valpolicella and we want to remain faithful to its typical products. We look for the maximum expression of historical grapes in all our wines, in a combination that maximizes typicality and tradition.

Study, research and techniques used wisely allow us, starting from grapes of the highest quality, to produce excellent wines. All the fermentations start spontaneously, and the respect we show towards those who work in our vineyards, towards the environment and our territory made us choose the path of organic cultivation and production, and this is an important added value in our wines.