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I am Gabriele and, together with Miriam and our family, we represent the first generation of our winery. Our story begins in our university years, in Padua, where we first met. Between the classes, we immediately began to create our dreams together and, spontaneously, to lay the foundations for our future.

They say that entrepreneurs invest in entrepreneurs, sharing their projects. This is how my father-in-law Giampietro, a great entrepreneur from Verona, believed in me and in his daughter, and invested to help us start our business: it was 2006 when, together, we created La Dama.

We are therefore the first winemakers of our family. Today we cultivate sixteen hectares, ten of which are vineyards, divided into two bodies: one in Negrar and one in Sant’Ambrogio, in the wonderful Valpolicella Classica. The family has been and still is the pillar of our company: my mother Chiara and my mother-in-law Laura are still an invaluable help today, and their passion and cheerfulness involve our visitors, friends and clients throughout their stay. Our children are also of great support, and allow us to look proudly to the future. Emma, ​​Anna and Michele always bring creativity, joy and enthusiasm to the company, without which everyday work would have a different flavour.

The company today is well structured, our team is made up of young collaborators with excellent technical preparation and with a great passion for wine, for the vine and for the territory, and thanks to their commitment we have achieved great results. Samuele, Federico, Edoardo, Manuel, Erica are a great team who shares a project, a dream with us and who write a page of the history of La Dama with us every day. Finally, there is my passion for wine, my obsessive search for perfection and personality and my creative note, with which I try to enrich all my wines so that every taste gives you an unforgettable experience.