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We care about our land! We transform only native grapes, all hand picked in our vineyards in Valpolicella Classica. Our approach to viticulture involves the use of only products of natural origin, and since 2015 our vineyards and our cellar are officially certified for the production of organic wine.
What does organic wine mean, though? Organic producers must follow the indications given in the EU European Regulation 2018/848, which establishes what must be done so that the products can be defined (and labeled) as organic. Everything gets controlled by Certifying Bodies which, through inspections, ensure that the regulation is respected.
Organic wine means that no product of synthetic origin is used in the cultivation of our grapes and during their transformation into wine. In nature people can find different elements that can be used for the vines care, just like our ancestors did.
Also technology helps us: thanks to it we are able to constantly monitor all environmental parameters, that we process in order to organise work effectively and efficiently, reducing the amount of treatments needed.