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Grapes: 60% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 10% Corvinone, 5% Molinara

The most sincere wine of Valpolicella, where no technique stands between the grapes in the vineyard and the wine on the table. A wine born from our continuous search for quality, in which the hints of cherry and the unmistakable black pepper notes are able to fully express the elegance and pleasantness that our lands can give. The grapes are destemmed and softly pressed straight after picking, to then be immediately brought in concrete tanks, where fermentation takes place. All processes are extremely delicate, to best preserve the delicacy and elegance of the wine. After about 10 days of fermentation, the wine rests in cement for 7 months before being bottled.

Colour: Vivid Ruby

Aromas: The freshness of red currants, black cherries and raspberries is combined with the balsamic notes of the black pepper, making this wine the most sincere and the purest expression of the native grapes of Valpolicella.

Structure: The sapidity and the pleasant acidity of the wine support the aromas, making the sip pleasant and elegant.

Food pairing: First courses of meat such as pasta with ragù, or as an accompaniment to appetizers such as cold cuts and young cheeses.


Grapes: 50% Corvina, 25% Rondinella, 20% Corvinone, 5% Molinara

Due to its great versatility and softness, it is a wine capable of thrilling everyone. An excellent and amazing wine for its intense and clear fruit, which cannot leave you indifferent. The grapes, after being harvested and crushed, immediately begin their fermentation in concrete tanks. At the end of February the wine is mixed with the skins of Amarone and Recioto, to begin the second fermentation (Ripasso technique). After the fermentations, the wine ages in wood for 18 months and for another 6 months in the bottle.

Colour: Bright Ruby

Aromas: The aromas remind of red fruits, like cherries, red plums and ripe raspberries. The mentholated notes blend with hints of blood oranges and spices, such as cinnamon and cardamom.

Structure: The acidity supports the alcohol making the sip pleasantly fresh and light.

Food pairing: Extremely versatile, it gives its best with second courses of meat, such as grilled beef.


Grapes: 70% Corvina, 17% Rondinella, 10% Corvinone, 3% Molinara

It is the dry red that made Valpolicella great, a concentrate of aromas and flavours. Our singular interpretation of Amarone is born from grapes harvested in vineyards over twenty years old, where elegance tames great power and longevity is an essential characteristic. The loosest bunches are collected and placed in boxes of about 6kg, to be dried in our drying rooms for about 100 days. After all the aromas and structural components have concentrated thanks to the drying process, the grapes are gently crushed and fermented in concrete vats. The maceration of the crushed grapes is very long, and lasts for about 30 days, after which the wine finds its home in oak barrels. After 36 months of ageing, the wine is bottled and aged here for another 12 months.

Colour: Bright Ruby with garnet hues

Aromas: The complexity of the aromas begins with delicate floral scents of peonies and roses, changing into black cherries in alcohol and dried red plums. There are cloves, earth and licorice, which give balsamic and freshness.

Structure: The sip is warm, enveloping. The velvety tannin, which gives persistence and depth, plays with the balsamic aromas, making the sip pleasant and fresh.

Food pairing: So intense, it requires equally tasty dishes, such as game and braised meats.


Grapes: 85% Corvina, 10% Corvinone, 5% Rondinella

It is the king of our wines, it contains the tradition of the art of “making wine” in Valpolicella. A sweet wine with unique, special characteristics that fascinates men and women. It is such a concentrated and intense nectar that it leaves its mark on the heart of anyone who savors it. Over the years we have identified, within our farm, portions of plots in which the grapes manage to reach a high sugar concentration while maintaining extraordinary acidity. Only these grapes are harvested and set aside for the production of our Recioto. The drying process lasts until the first days of February, after which the grapes are pressed and a very slow fermentation at low temperature manages to transform only a part of the sugars into alcohol, leaving the wine sweet. The recioto ages for about two years in concrete, to preserve its natural freshness. It refines for a further 6 months in the bottle.

Colour: Deep Ruby

Aromas: Ripe cherries and preserved sour cherries, cocoa and balsamic hints

Structure: The sweetness is firmly balanced by the silky tannins and the decisive acidity, avoiding unpleasant stickiness

Food pairing: Dry pastries or chocolate sweets. By contrast, with blue or seasoned cheeses.


Caratteristiche: Prodotta dalle vinacce delle uve di Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella e Molinara, scrupolosamente selezionate e appassite per circa 90/120 giorni, presso il fruttaio della nostra cantina. Dopo aver vinificato l’Amarone le vinacce vengono separate, poste in appositi contenitori chiusi e subito destinate alla distillazione. In questo modo vengono preservati qualità, profumi e l’aroma tipico dell’Amarone. La distillazione avviene in piccoli alambicchi di rame, nel rispetto della tradizione e rigorosamente con il sistema discontinuo a bagnomaria. Una volta distillata, la grappa riposa e si affina per alcuni mesi, impreziosendosi di eleganza, morbidezza e armonia.

Temperatura di servizio: 10 – 12°c


Grapes: 95% Corvina, 5% Rondinella

The Ca’ Besi vineyard is located in the centre of the Negrar di Valpolicella valley where the soil, placed on a layer of alluvial debris, has a clayey texture with rich calcareous deposits. These peculiarities give the Corvina a great complexity and concentration of aromas and perfumes, and allow to obtain a wine of important structure, persistence and longevity. In mid-September, the loosest bunches of the Ca’ Besi vineyard are harvested and placed in 6 kg boxes. These grapes will remain in the drying room for 30 days, and then crushed and fermented.
The remaining bunches in the vineyard are harvested and crushed immediately, and the fermentation begins for them, too.
At the end of the fermentations, two wines are obtained, which are aged separately in barrels for 18 months. After that, they are assembled, balancing the powerful structure of the wine derived from the dried bunches and the fragrance obtained from the freshly crushed grapes.
The wine is aged for at least another 6 months in the bottle before being marketed.

Colour: Intense Ruby

Aromas: The floral aromas of violets and rose petals and cherry immediately open to spicy hints of tobacco, cinnamon and vanilla, supported by austere notes of leather and cloves

Structure: Thanks to the Ca’ Besi vineyard, the grapes give the wine a subtle tannin that gives unexpected body and long persistence, which closes the sip with a pleasant sapidity

Food pairing: Second courses, such as stew or stewed meat.


Grapes:95% Corvina, 5% Rondinella

The breeze that blows from the Val d’Adige and from the Monte Baldo, the significant temperature ranges and the light reflected by Lake Garda create a unique microclimate where the spicy character of the Corvina finds its maximum expression. The soil of the hills on which the Colombarino vineyard stands, with a calcareous matrix with a prevalence of red flakes, gives the wine a rare elegance and depth. At the end of September, the best bunches from the Colombarino vineyard are picked and taken to the cellar, where they are delicately crushed and left to ferment. During fermentation, all attention is paid to maximum extraction of the freshest and most delicate aromas, which will give the particular depth typical of this wine.
The wine ages for 12 months in large barrels, to enhance the notes of red fruits and black pepper. After bottling, another year of rest in the bottle is necessary to enhance the structure of this rare and elegant wine.

Colour: Bright ruby

Aromas: The hints of currants, raspberries, wild strawberries and morello cherries make their way between rose petals and violets. Elegance is guaranteed by peppery notes and minerality.

Structure: The structure of the wine best expresses the grace and elegance that the Corvina develops thanks to the Colombarino vineyard: the palate is fine, fresh and sapid, and the persistence immediately invites a retasting.

Food pairing: It goes well with aged cheeses or first courses, such as risotto with porcini mushrooms and sausage.